Monday, May 12, 2014

Trolling Around

As time goes on Esoteria seems like an increasingly dodgy place to reside.
Darkness dropped Sov across 80+ systems, outside Esoteria these were nearly all taken straight away by Nulli or Northern Coalition or similar. In Esoteria, all but one ended up in friendly hands with Nulli getting and keeping one system. A couple of medium sized fights happened on some others, John spent two hours one evening flipping a station with a C0VEN gang, my 0.5% damage(aprox) was obviously crucial...

Yes, went back to roam the space lanes once more, different dynamic though, most of my friends that were on either were coming online as I was logging off or had been on for hours and occupied. So my play was nearly all solo exploration of data, relic sites and ducking into wormholes. That and avoiding 10-20 ship roams that seem to roll in and out of our sov space and surrounding areas.

A few key things then happened, My Corp lost a large number of members, nearly all to real life issues, and organised assaults on Legio structures started happening. Now these tended to happen in my off hours when I was collecting much needed beauty sleep. First the Jump Bridge was taken out, which effectively stopped mining, and then the odd POS or two was attacked.
A couple of corps then started to leave Legio, and we (Black Water) seemed to only be able to field 3-4 pilots, and these at different times. Not good.

I decided to follow the herd and bug out altogether from Null and back to high. I knew that real life would limit my play anyway for 2-3 weeks, and was not keen to wake up in a lost station. So hunted out a worm hole, stuck 4 expanded cargo holds on my proteus, filled up with anything small and expensive and hopped back to high sec.

Effectively, over the Easter Period, I set some long skill trains and went on holiday, thinking it may all turn around when I would get back.

On my return, much worse, the alliance channel greeted me with the big red words...


On top of this 3 of the 5 people still active in the corp left, 1 to Legio main corp, another to Faction Warfare and the third to a high sec manufacturing corp. I took a long look at where I was, what I would like to do and how I would like to play.

Very bitty I am afraid, as I write this about a week behind, and being on Holiday further complicated matters.

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