Friday, May 9, 2014

Back at Last

The long trek home started.
Fed up waiting for a connection near home I hopped out into the edge of Cache. 65 Jumps home. Not bad I thought, take it over three nights and have a look at systems on the way.

The first night covered 20 systems through Insmother and Detroid. I was having a good look around.
very few players in any of the systems that I passed through. The only point of interest I found was a powered down tower with an SMA. Dscanned it down fairly easily and parked up 20 km away. Before opening fire, checked whose tower it was. The system was owned by Norther Coalition, it was however a Goonwaffe tower. Pale Blue.

I asked one of the Alliance exec's if I could kill it anyway, but was told no. Shame.

Next day, the first system I jumped into had a Probe(Rookie Ship) and 3 tractor units on Dscan. No one in system... dropped combats and found and killed all three tractor units and the empty ship quite easily. If I had more cargo space, there was some items I would have taken as they are hard to come by in the home systems.
Then commenced a trip into Feythabolis. Lots more reds here, but obviously not worried by me, people happy ratting in carriers, and the odd Dominix fleet in semi afk pve combat.

As I neared Esoteria the reds became more common, but no gate camps, and ran the rest of the way home without incident.

Real Life has prevented me writing this blog and limited my game play, but should be on track again now.
The next few short posts will catch up the highlights

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