Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Home - Maybe

Now back in High Sec, both characters had left some minor assets across 4 stations in Esoteria, you never know when they will be useful or you end up on that side of the fence.

Started by scanning down any anomalies, and found several data and relic sites. ran all of these really easily, no real challenge, very little rewards, and some rude people that would turn up half way through and hack the cans you were not at..... Only the safety saved one imicus, and me from concord... Not good.

So I bounced around trying all the combat anomalies I could find... Some you would get to and find some one else already there, and the ones where I was there first,  people were always turning up. Most warped away, but some hung around. I had no idea why they would want to until the next day, when, at the end of a Refuge, a serpentis commander turned up. Now I was using drones and running around picking up any loot and salvaging, 5 Hobgoblin II's were plenty good enough for them all. Next thing I knew, a yellow wreck on scan and the Omen was powering in towards it.
He had spotted it, locked it and shot it before my drones could get there.

Happy bunny I was not.

Now I knew why at least some hang around. let someone else do the site, and just shoot the most valuable ship on the field and saunter in to collect the loot. This specimen was in an NPC corp and probably never leaves High Sec. I spent 10 minutes raging and trying to work out an effective way to annoy this person. Short of getting several friends in catalysts and ganking him, I could not think of one.
I have his name, occasionally a locator agent will find him. Maybe, one day when I can organise it, there will be a messy death, followed by several more via Concord.... You know who you are.

This way of life lasted a few days, during which this was as exciting as it got. Then Marmite declared War! Again.

In my lunch break one day I sat and looked at Dotlan, and picked out several areas where I thought that I could go and camp for a week or two.
Loaded up blue print copies, assorted modules for mining and ratting into the Proteus and set off to have a look.

Now my criteria was simple. I was looking for a High Sec Island of at least 10 systems, isolated from the main high sec by at least 2 or three low sec systems. A bonus would also be a relatively simple access to Null sec space. I was working on the premise that Marmite and the scum that steal missions and anomalies would not want to risk their shiny ships in Low sec.
I started looking in Gallente space, and looked at Placid and Solitude as two areas the fit the bill well. Placid has a high sec Island of 10 systems surrounded mainly by faction warfare and a gate into Syndicate only 3 jumps away. Solitude has an 18 system island, much deeper into Low Sec. And to be honest 36 jumps instead of 12.

So Placid was the target. And From the map, I picked Osmallanais as the initial point, being 2 jumps away from 8 of the 9 remaining High Sec systems.

The trip there was largely routine, Low sec travel in a half decent ship is straight forward. Jump a gate, click jump on the destination gate and hit the cloak. Warp, rinse and repeat. Anything fast enough to lock you in the second before the cloak kicks in is usually too small to survive gate guns, and most Low Sec gate camps I met (2) seemed to be a couple of destroyers and the odd cruiser. They will probably also pause unless they have serious back up, as a combat fit Proteus could probably tank them until they died. Not that every Proteus is always optimally combat fit of course. Shoot one and see.....

The first High Sec system I hit in Placid was empty, and Huge... 172 AU between gates. Well not quiet empty. I counted 18 combat anomalies and a Ghost Site.
Great I thought, I will run the ghost site as soon as I refit. 2 jumps later arrived at the target station and unloaded and refit for Ghost sites, which basically means removing the scram and web and putting in an analyser and a cargo scanner. This system also had a Ghost Site and  about twenty assorted combat ones.

Went straight out to the Ghost Site, High Sec ones are just the same set up as Null, 4 cans, you arrive in the middle. Locked all 4 and cargo scanned. First one had a Low grade Ascendancy Beta BPC. Brilliant! Powered towards and hacked it and opened the can.
Two of the remaining three also had an Alpha and a Delta BPC...
Powered to the closest, hacked and opened the can. Brilliant I thought, on to the third, and did the same.
Then I looked at my cargo hold.... Nothing.
I had not pressed the loot all button.
Quickly grabbed the last one, and powered back. Only 3 k to go when the rats blew the cans. I sat and took the damage and cursed. 2 BPC's. Gone. Repped up the armour, and calculated out the damage. Looks like the explosion did about 8,000 damage and the rats a further 3-4000 before resists kicked in. Enough to kill my shield and put me to 87% armour. Not bad at all.

Toured the 10 high sec systems and found and ran a total of 6 Ghost Sites. Actually ended up with 5 BPC's of implants and lots of Villiard Wheels and Research Tools.

Life will be good here, thinking that tomorrow I would buy the minerals for a PVE ship or just buy one.

Nearly all the people on at the same time as me looked to have a mining ship out. Hence the combat anomalies cluttering the place up.

Welcome To Placid.....

The Blog name is now a bit misleading. At this point I was intending to set up camp here as a high sec refuge from War Declarations and an Island of relaxation from Null Sec. I am hoping that Back-Water gets stronger, the directors and main players start playing Eve again and we go back to Null. I have still to do a ratting mission there....


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