Friday, May 9, 2014

New Proteus

In a pod, in high and wondering what to do.

I had a few days off due to visiting relatives (who do not play eve) and so had put some thought in. I was only 4 jumps from Dodixie, and thus less than 10 from our high sec office.

Quick trip to Dodixie bought me another Proteus hull and then I dithered a bit about the fittings. At the end of the day I ended up slightly different from before, but not much.

Went to the High sec office to sort out all the junk that I had stashed there, and did a quick run in an Iteron V to Dodixie to sell loads. Now I was not thinking, and my Iteron V is so well fitted (5 expanded Cargo II) that I am stupid. No mids, no high and no rigs = Target. As I said, not thinking and stuck about 700 million worth of assorted junk in the hold.

Now, I am not completely STUPID, and sat at the controls rather than auto pilot all the way.

Even so I remember being a tiny bit nervous jumping into Botane and seeing 3 wrecks and 6 assorted ships on the gate. Luckily they could not have been paying attention and I reached Dodixie dock intact. Sold it all for slightly less than the book value, which is ok.

As I said before, I play for fun, I pay subscription, I have no need to make more ISK than I need to fund a ship replacement.This is quiet refreshing, as if I wish to do something that makes zero ISK for a week, then its no pressure.

Now Iterons, and any other industrials,


to have no tank.... It is even worse to fill up with high value stuff and have no tank. The only thing I could have done worse, apart from an advert saying "Gank Me" in every system would have been to auto pilot.

I have seen elsewhere that a freighter should not have more than 1 billion in its hold to make ganking not profitable.
I have no idea on industrials (comments anyone), but as they can be killed by a decent Catalyst or two then they should not contain too much.
I have now fitted lots of shields, a warp core stab(you never know) and a pop gun in the turret slot. I have also made a mental note to not carry more than 100 million a trip.
You have to be realistic, however, and the next time I need it, I will have left it elsewhere and use a rubbish fit epithal as I cannot be bothered to get it.

The CEO logged in just before I left for the night, suggesting that I may want to move anything of value from Esoteria. Nothing had been said publicly, but was told that we would not be there long.

Ok I thought, there was a wormhole that went from our sov space to 5 jumps away. (The benefits of intel channels). I knew both end systems but had no book marks.
So nipped over and tracked it down, a C2 that appeared empty and unloved. Stuck all the bookmarks in Corp and took two industrials out of Null,  all the BPC's and invention stuff, expensive spare modules and PI anyway.
I left a few big items, and stuck all the low level PI on the market, fitted out 3 cruisers and a destroyer as a stay behind and took the Proteus back.

Several other corp members began logging in and I passed on the info about the hole and they began using it to get their PVE dommi's out.

Every time I get PI sorted we seem to move......

The next few days I stuck a few BPO's into research, sorted all the stuff out in my hanger and did exactly 2 high sec missions. Level 2 ones, as that's where I was with the home mining station.

Personal hangers in a station, are to my neat little mind an utter nightmare.
I do a bit of everything. Some mining, some manufacturing, PVE, Exploration, Invention, Research, and very badly PVP.
As such I have bits of everything laying around.

I like a little order, and to this end bought a Station Vault BPO, and made lots of 10 run copies. Its one of those small number of BPO's that does not benefit from ME research. The materials do not seem to be reduced by anything.
Once built, you cannot move them unless you have a freighter, and then only when packaged. So be sure.
Once activated they have a capacity of 10 million m3 and can be named.
I tend to deploy a few at any station that I am going to operate from.
For me they tend to have the following names and contain what it says on the tin
Meta 4 Modules
Tech 2

Minerals, Raw Ore, sub meta 4 modules and oddities tend to go in the main hanger. This is because you cannot refine, reprocess or use ore from a container. Admittedly you cannot use a BP or any Salvage from here either, but as I have lots of BP's and want them out of the way when looking for something. If I need to manufacture I move the BP and any salvage required to the main hanger.
I normally create the remaining two Vaults and sell on the market. If I buy all the minerals, a 10 run usually costs about 1.5 million to make, and the containers sell for between 100k and 5 million depending on location. High Sec seems to be about 4-500 k each on average, but as its awkward to transport then you can ask a million each and make a profit if you do not want a quick sale.


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