Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Now as in house buying, as in relocating in Eve... Location, Location, Location

Looking at the cluster that I am sitting in, there two areas, a single entrance cluster of 6 systems to the east with 4 single station systems, all refineries, no factories or research, and the 4 systems on the west side that have the low sec connections and the only two systems with factories and research facilities. All the East side stations also belong to one corp, so getting standings would be good.

Now this all stands to change on 3rd June. The Eastern section, currently a back water with a handful of miners, and the odd mission runner, will be able to build and research. This will end the quite life out here, sometimes as empty as the average null system. All the industrialists looking for low priced slots will move in, the miners will either find it easier to move their product or shift out to better systems.
Algasienan and Vivanier seem to actually have product to sell, although not very much of anything. To get a good choice you have to go 2-3 jumps through low sec in either direction at a minimum.

First things first, I noticed that Osmallanais is two jumps from all but one of the high sec systems and buy orders with a range of two would not enter low sec. A few buy orders for  high end minerals went up here, while I did another tour of the high space.

No Ghost Sites today, but took my time creating safe spots in all systems, trying to get one in Dscan range of as much as possible and one out of range of as much as possible. Looking at dscan a lot, I also ended up dropping combat probes in every system. Its amazing how many miners dock up in an 0.7 system when they see combat probes.
I was after Drones. I came over light on drones and there were not many on the market so I thought that I would steal a few. Scooping drones does not pick up any sort of timer, so there is no determent to it. I had to stash them in some systems as I ran out of hold space, but from 9 systems I picked up
13 Garde II
1 Bouncer I
9 Hobgoblin II
4 Warrior II
1 Acolyte II
2 Hammerhead I
7 Hobgoblin I

So if you are reading this and left drones out in Placid High Sec, odds are that they are now mine.

I then went to Vivanier and bought a Procurer and a Dominix. Strange mix but I wanted to build stuff for my own use and also kill rats.
I ferried both to Algasienan, where I had decided to dump my stuff. An ideal location would have been Osmallanais as it is central and a brilliant location. Only having one station and no factory slots however was the killer. I fitted both ships out with the parts that I had bought with me, and went to mine while I did a lot of looking at Dotlan.

I was after two things, a good PI location and a pattern of low sec kills and high traffic systems.

I was able to get 4 procurer loads of mining while doing this. One of Dense Veldspar, one of Massive Scordite, one of Rich Plagaise and the last of Golden Omber. all plentiful in the bets. Almost no rats either.

Now Oliver is the miner and refiner, having nearly perfect skills in both, but John is semi skilled having a misspent first year skilling up in whatever looked good at the time. my refine percentage was 93% average, not brilliant, but good enough for when you are building for yourself and not profit.

Put in a manufacturing order for a Caracal, some rapid light missile launchers and ammo, both light missiles and hybrid medium. Why pay over the odds when you can make it for very little....

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