Monday, July 10, 2017

Failed Gank

Now I have an alt that used to within SLYCE, but was removed in one of the recent purges.

I had complied with the requirements and done everything right, and the alt was on  the list through an honest mistake.

I had a word and was invited back.

I however had a bit of a moment. Fueled by several pints of  Hobgoblin  and Spitfire , I decided to stay in the NPC corp.
In SLYCE, all he was was a salvage monkey anyway. Skilled in the use of cyno's, salvagers and a thrasher with a very limited PI suite.

So I thought lets stay neutal and upset someone.

Plugged in the skills for Catalyst and small hybrids, along with all the combat skills like surgical strike.

Went to Amarr and bought a catalyst, had to fit it tech 1 guns. I thought, I would see if I could kill something.

Trolled around  a number of 0.5 systems and only found skiffs, Orca's and some Mackinaws. none of those I could probably do solo with the right skills.

Anyway, 5th system I check, I have a MTU, Orca and 2 coveters on Dscan from the gate. limited quickly to 1 planet but 10 belts.

Just to be contrary I warped to belt 10, and tried Dscan from there, Limited it down to two, all targets in the same place.

Found them on the second try. 2 coveters mining, an Orca with a MTU tractoring 10k off.
I had warped to 0, and nearest coverter was 11 k away, so hit approach and fired up sensor booster, scram and guns. Completely failed to overheat, as Thermodynamics was not on the list of needed skills I had injected...

So bumped the coveter a good bump and came to rest 170 m off target. Sitting there it took 20 seconds to turn safety off. Not a good start. But no reaction from any of them except a boost washing out from the Orca.

It did cross my mind at this point to shoot the MTU and hope one of the ships tied attacking me, however I only had ganking ammo, not enough for an MTU.

So shot the coveter in front of me.

Some good hits but damage was not enough, looked like about 25% structure left before concord jammed,scrammed and shot me.

I warped he pod out to the top station, and saw he coveter land just behind me. luckily I had bounced off a customs office and my timer allowed docking.

No communication from the 1 or 3 pilots on grid. Another in system asked what was happening. I replied honestly that I was learning a lesson, and that lesson was mainly that I needed more skills.

Anyway, 30 seconds later I was given a 500k bounty. The first any of my characters have had.

So waited out the timer, and warped back to the belt in my rookie ship. My wreck was gone, I assume looted by the MTU and salvaged. The Orca and 1 coveter still there. The chap I shot was in a Gnosis.

So I bumped the Gnossis and the Coveter several times, and ineffectually the Orca once.  They all kindly locked me up, and part of me was waiting for the kill right or the stupidity of one of them getting Concorded.

Anyway they must have been worried that more were on the way as they all warped off.

I did pick up 5 hammerhead 1's and 5 hobgoblin 1s though that they left behind.

They also kindly added another 250k to my bounty.

Loss mail
Catalyst 1

And yes I know I had ammo in the hold. That the ammo I was looking for a little later in the station...

And to top it off the kill right was made public for the cost of 10k

Now all I need is an alt in HS that can accept and clear it for me.

Lesson learned and an hour of fun. The other party may well now watch local a bit better as well.

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