Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Deep Space Transports Vs Blockade Runners

Occator vs Viator

Well I am training one of my characters to be a transport pilot in high sec. To me this has several utilities.
1. Transport of PI from WH to market.
2. Transport of ganking ships and fits to where its needed.
3. Moving stuff to staging area's for various null gateways.

Now as this character already has Gallente industrial IV it was the natural choice to take to V and then Transport ships.

Choice of ship was the next one. Natural inclination is to go for the one with the cloak. but the bigger hold has a draw as well.

I asked corp mates and slightly more were in favour of the Occator than the Viator.

Viator lowest HS price 100 million but that seems to be a one off and trade hubs look to be 127-130 million
Occator Lowest HS price is 200 Million, and trade hub price 203-205 million.

Looking at kill board
Viator has lost 43,790 and Occator 14,807

Exploring 1 page of the Occator, of the 50 loss mails, only 8 were in High Sec and of these 6 were war targets.
In Viators 1 page of 50 loss mails gave me 16 dead in High Sec, about half due to Wars.

I did notice that the Viators were mainly cargo or inertial stabs in the lows with one or two shield modules in the mids. Most had a covert ops cloak.

The Occators, despite getting 4% armour resistance per level of transport ships and 35% bonus to armour repair and 100% overheat bonus on local repair and resistance mods, seemed to be largely shield tanked. The many lows were, and I say that this was from 8 ships at random, mainly istabs or other speed enhancing modules. Only 2 of the 8 were armour tanked.

This does seem bizarre in the extreme.

Anyway, for mainly HS use then the Occator is the clear winner for me.

I will update this thread as and when I lose the ship.....

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