Monday, June 23, 2014

Recovering and Reflections

EVE....Am I addicted?

Its a game, it can be left alone and real life goes on....Its only pixels.

Except need to reset PI, or fuel that POS, or defend a timer, or trade your way to the next million or gank some poor soul.....

Now I have always (well its a year now) regarded Eve as a method of relaxation, and aim to limit my game to an hour a day.

Well that hasn't worked.

I am often on for 2 hours plus, I write this, I have tried coding market data into spread sheets (badly), I even think about the game, (mainly on the train), and usually along the lines of should do this.... However, I can never remember when I log on.

I still have time for work and the children, I never log on while they are up, and always have a couple of hours of chores or TV as well.....

I still cannot wait to log on, I spent all day in the garden on Sunday, sorting out stuff, was thinking about EVE on and off.....


After loosing the Proteus, I went and bought another. But different. Living in Low Sec, I no longer needed the interdiction nullifier for example.... and then brought it up to the Island.

I knew for the next week or two my time would be limited as I had three evenings a week out for the next several weeks.

I early on said I would not log on after a session in the pub, as once did this and thought it was a good idea to put some BPO's in a ship and auto pilot across the universe and leave them there. The next days play was wasted bringing them back. So only a few days play.

So did some more level 2 missions, and the alliance asked us to evacuate all assets from the southern base. That was my PI stuffed again.

I had some BPs in research which I had to leave but otherwise moved most out to high stations.

After some days, I got the bonus mission (after every 16) and had to go to Osmallanais and deliver about 8000 Scordite.

So undocked my Procurer and mined 10000 scordite, then jumped into Osmallanais.

On jumping in, I admit not paying much attention as it was a route I was doing daily to look for ghost sites, Three Red war targets on the gate.
All were Proteus....

Several things entered my mind at once. I immediately gave up on system and tried burning back to the gate. It took them 6 seconds to lock and point me. Still the Procurer is a tanky old beast. I debated about releasing my drones, but to be honest Hobgoblin II's vs Proteus, why bother. Best hope was the gate and jump though while they had aggression timers.

It was not to be, and went bang very fast. warped in pod to station.

Had a chat to them in local. seemed quite nice. The war dec had been active for 7 months, but this was their first day on the island. They to be honest seemed decent enough. So I put in a buy order for Scordite, warned the alliance that the war targets were in high in T3's and went to bed.

Early in the morning I got up, filled the mission from the bought Scordite, filled a ship with as much as I could carry and moved to Oulley.

The next few days I spent playing cat and mouse and moving as much as I could out to Oulley without getting shot.
I had to leave the Dominix, several haulers and a couple of scanning ships.

Such was life, I had all the important bits and the rest could wait until they moved out or moved on to other targets. To be honest I assumed that Low sec is a different beast and that it would be best to go in with cash and ask advice of what to fit and run with.

I also brought Oliver up to Orvolle, 1 jump from Oulley with a Retriever for mining support.

This took the rest of the week...

I also made all the bookmarks I may need in Oulley.

Gank = Attacking a target with no reason or warning. Often in High Sec and bringing down the wrath of Concord.
The reason that this is done, is the mechanics that allow, for example, 3 catalysts, fit a certain way in a certain security system to kill a mining barge before concord kills them.
In fact, does not matter what ship, there is something cheaper that can kill it, and enough people that will try.

Why? well several reasons. People do it to expensive ships in the hope that their alts can collect the loot drop from their target and the concorded wrecks and that this covers the cost of their ships.
People also do it because they can. This is EVE.
People also do it because it looks good on their kill board. They kill 30+ million ship for the loss of something that costs them 8-9 million.
Also its done to collect the abuse that will come there way from miners.

Tank = Defense. Basically how well your ship can survive the attacks that will come from others.
Your ship has natural resists in armour, shields and hull, and hit points for each. Naturally these can be altered depending on both skills and modules that can be fitted. But there are choices...
Armours enhancements can be fitted in low slots, which is also where damage enhancers go. So with a limited amount of slots then do you opt to have more armour or do more damage?

All gank no tank is an eve expression suggesting that the ship has enough armour to stop a pea shooter but can put out a fantastic amount of damage.

Ships are usually either Shield Tanked or Armour tanked, or if you have an Orca Hull tanked. There is no sane reason to hull tank another ship, and those that try should try listening to the trees when they are speaking....

As a rule of thumb, a ship with more mid slots than low is shield tanked and the other way around is armour tanked.

There are exceptions, for instance ratting drone boats often fill the low slots with drone damage amplifiers and shield tank...

The other exception is by and large, if you want to..... Its your ship, paid for by you and you have to fly it and accept its loss.

Remember in Eve, if you like a ship and wish to keep it, never undock.
If you do undock, start planning its replacement as sooner or later it will be shot from under you.


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  1. OK, I laughed. A couple of times. Good job.

    Good post. You should write more often.