Monday, June 23, 2014

Moving, and another Proteus down

Now the new corp had two main locations and a couple of high sec offices on the Island.
Oulley is no secret, the home of the Harlequins, but there was a mission base south of the Island as well.

Optimistically I thought that I would set up to the south and start running missions, So I moved roughly half my items and ships out of High Island to a Low sec system.

I also set up PI in this system - should have realised my jinx effect.

Now, I wandered around the belts killing rats, and started on level 2 missions in Vivanier
Pretty boring really. I had some chats with my new corp members and decided that I was happy enough doing circuits of the island to check for ghost sites and level two missions.

Now I went in for overkill on the missions, Fitted a Dominix with Curators and a Mobile Tractor Unit (MTU) and warped in at 70km, Dropped drones and targeted the red crosses, one by one and pressed the F key. It turns out that the sentry drones could kill the rats faster than I could lock them. 
I would then bookmark the MTU, go for another mission, do the same, and bookmark that MTU as well. By the time the second set of rats were dead, warp back to the first site, scoop the loot and tractor, salvage the wrecks with drones and a salvager and back to the second site.

I found that in my daily playing time I could jump once around the island, reset my PI and do 2 missions.
In all dull existence.

One day I was bored and in Grispire, which for some reason was always good for harvesting loose drones, and a relic site appeared and was scanned down as a by product of the combat drones. Looked at system and only 3 blue present. So nipped into station, re fitted a relic analyser  and popped back to the site.

There looked to be 8 cans in the site, and I was feeling paranoid, so remained cloaked right up to the first can, hacked it, collected the spew and re-cloaked on the way to the next. After the second can, two reds jumped in system. They were Filthy Peasants (Alliance name, not description!), and I had been warned about them. So I stayed cloaked and waited. Less than 2 minutes later, after not even appearing on D-scan they left.

Hacked 5 more containers with no issue.
Just as I arrived at the last the two reds jumped back in system, only other people were Blue. So I thought the minute that it takes to hack, they will never find me and I will be off.

Not even half way through the hacking game, about 20 seconds, and one of the reds, a Crusader was 9k off and locking and scramming me....

First thing that came to mind was warp.... and scrambled, then drones started hitting me and I locked up the Crusader, tried scramming it and shooting while dropping Hobgoblins. Then a Pilgrim landed, while I was targeting and killing the Hammerhead II's that were eating me.
10 seconds later I had no cap, and scram and guns shut down. The crusader was at this point entering structure, or nearly so, and my drones, now I could not fight were killed....

Now it was just the wait to die. I tried good fight in local while screaming for help on alliance channels/comms.
Unfortunately the Blues in system were probably AFK, and the people on comms were 10 jumps away as could not go though high sec.

So I zoomed out to better watch my demise, and saw a blue on field... Hooray I thought, a Rapier would be my savior... I became all excited, then noticed he was shooting me with a Hammerhead II....

12 mins later my tank failed and I died rather quickly, whilst typing, so did not get the pod out either. Such is life.

Dead Proteus

Not waking up in goo, I thought and reflected on the fight. I also passed the kill mail onto corp and alliance leaders as a Blue on your kill mail is never good.

Some reflections.

1. The can I was hacking was 40km from warp in point.
2. Even if they had pre bookmarked the site, they could not have landed that close to me.
3. The Rapier must have provided a warp in point while sitting cloaked, and the last can was an obvious pinch point.
4. A Crusader does not have Hammerhead II's, so initially the drones that shot me (and I killed were from the Rapier)
5. I never saw the rapier on grid, as I was zoomed in and the overhead excludes Blue and Fleet members to stop me shooting them. I quite literally did not know he was there until the end.
6. Neuts are painful, and once the cap has gone, you are dead.
7. I was fit poorly. In hindsight taking the scram out and leaving the web in may just have been better. Also putting on the Rail mixed with the blasters was wrong. Now I did this for two reasons. 1. I wanted to blap belt rats from afar, rather than get mixed up and stuck on rocks, and 2, I found I did not have the power grid to fit a whole rack of them.
8. If the Blue chap had not warped them in I would be safe.
9. If I had cloaked and warped as soon as reds landed in system the same would be true.
10. I am bad at PVP

So well done for a good trap, and Blues are now back on my overview.....

Fly safe


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