Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Corp for John

Talking To the CEO of Back-Water on team speak did not fill me full of confidence. All the directors were taking a break due to real life issues or playing other games. They all intended to come back at a point in the future.
Other big names in the corp had just gone dark or left to join other corps that fit them better.

Looking around I decided to do the same, with John at least.

Now home was a High Sec island, with at least 2 jumps to the nearest main high security space, the choices were a island based corp or one of the Low Sec based ones.

The Island based corps all seemed small and mining based, there not being much else to do there without venturing into Low sec.

So I went into low security space to the south of the island, to see what was what. Picked up a whole load more spare drones, and killed a mobile Tractor unit or two.

First MTU

Second MTU

Both belonged to the same corp, and I saw quite a few around running missions. The also belonged to The Harlequins alliance. The same that camped me in Oulley....

A bit of investigation lead me to an impressive kill board and the fact that they were basically a bunch of Low Sec pirates.....

So I signed on to their public channel and had a chat. The added bonus is that a large number are EU based, but the alliance is made up of all different time zones.

In short I handed over a full API key, declared my alt and joined.

So Space Mutts are my new home. Oliver stays in Back Water to keep doors open.

More later


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